Walk-in Wardrobe

This traditional walk-in wardrobe, designed to add luxury space for dressing and storing possessions, in an effortless manner. Strawhill made bespoke wall panelling that enamours the room with quality, style and opulence. Excellence storage is designed using ivory white and mirror doors with interior walnut accents.

A bespoke upholstered seat with drawer storage creates a practical space for dressing and adds an aesthetically pleasing texture to the overall design.

Elegant lighting compliments the room and reveals a soft glow on the bespoke wall panelling. Additional ceiling spotlights have been added for brighter lighting.

The natural walnut frame creates a beautiful luxury aesthetic against the white ivory cabinetry. Notice the beautiful shelving, ideal for folding clothes, displaying accessories or storing footwear. Mirror doors help to maximize the space while adding a luxury styling and practical solution in the walk-in wardrobe.