Mourne Kitchen

The Mourne Kitchen creates a warm and welcoming feel with a large center island and curved shaker solid oak units. Practical storage is a key feature, combined with traditional kitchen styling. A curved seating booth, in-frame appliances and larder are just some of the features to look for.

Solid oak drawers have been designed for practical storage in the Mourne kitchen, holding spices and seasonings. Beautiful and eye-catching glass handles create an elegant interior design to the kitchen. While built-in appliances including a coffee machine make for practical everyday use, be it, enjoying coffee with friends around the center island or dining booth.

The curved solid oak seating booth creates a relaxing informal dining space with additional drawer storage. Strawhill upholstered the seat in soft brown leather with a comfortable cushion for maximum comfort. The round table is made bespoke to match the solid oak wood used on the shaker units.

Opposite the seating area, you can find a tall curved larder with pull-out breadboards. The curved design helps to soften the straight lines of cabinetry in the Mourne Kitchen.