Meath Kitchen

A unique curved inframe kitchen, with elegant features and use of solid oak cabinetry, just one of the myriad of details in this Meath Kitchen that makes Strawhill unquestionably unique.

The curved frame leads to a beautiful spacious wine unit, with a personalised, pull-out cheese and breadboard, perfect for large gatherings or intimate entertaining. The curved frame features a corner storage larder with bi-folding doors and oak shelving.

The feature of solid oak continues on multiple work surfaces that give a varied and tactile feel to the room. Added to the center island of the kitchen the solid oak maintains the natural ambience, complemented by a beautiful granite workout. The breakfast bar is slightly elevated to create a space for dining complete by itself.

The curved design of the Meath Kitchen is a beautiful way to create a bespoke design within a small space, the tones are warm and inviting, making it a kitchen anyone would feel comfortable in.