Groomsport Kitchen

Sleek inframe cabinetry inspired by minimalistic and majestic design, complimented with gorgeous statement chrome handles. Hidden bespoke features including a secret room built into the inframe kitchen lead you to a clever pantry and utility room space. This style boasts everyday function as well as style. Coupled with modern appliances the Groomsport kitchen is effortlessly timeless.

The styling of the classic dark cabinetry design continues through to the utility room and pantry which boasts ample storage and a wonderful larder. Ingredients are always to hand, making everyday tasks much easier in this design.

The island is a central focus point in the Kitchen, facing a large window of coastal views, it’s the perfect place for a morning coffee. Finished with a white Carrara worktop, and a flush hob for cooking, the island is all sorts of practical design.

This is truly a kitchen designed to be free from clutter but with maximum impact. High ceilings and large glass windows perfectly fill the room with light and keeping the dark cabinet feeling fresh and light.